Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So you have one of those funky Displayport connectors on your Dell computer. You've been told how great it is and that you can get 1080p resolution, but you can't find a monitor with the display-port (DP) to connect it. Well, WhataCable! in Orem, Utah just next to Provo, and close to Salt Lake City, has adapters in stock that will convert the DP to an HDMI cable. You can order them online for about $15, or you can go to their office /showroom directly and pick them up at will call. They are located at 77 South Mountain Way Drive in Orem, UT. That is just west of I-15 off of Center Street. WhataCable! also carries a huge selection of HDMI cables. An HDMI cable in Utah will cost you anywhere from $70 to $100 at a retail store. WhataCable will save you a ton of money. Buy factory direct and keep the extra change. A 10 Feet HDMI from WhataCable will cost you about $15. So with a 10' HDMI cable, and the Displayport to HDMI adapter, you're out the door for $30 plus tax, which is still less than you'd pay for just the HDMI cable down the street at any of the retail stores. Keep WhataCable in mind for all your cable needs and tell a friend. Friends don't let friends buy cables from the big retail stores!

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