Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So you just purchased the fancy iPad. (I've had mine for about 4 days). Maybe you waited for the 3G version. (I did, though WiFi has been great so far). You went to the Apple store (I went to a local University Bookstore). You convince yourself that this is going to be awesome and you pull out the credit card spending somewhere between $499 to $829 depending on the model. (I went with the 3G 32GB.) Then you realize there is no case included. You look at your options at the store, and leave without spending another $50 for an over-priced case. But, you're worried. You don't want that shiny new iPad bouncing around in your back pack. You need some protection. So you hop online and do a quick search. Up comes an ad for WhataCable! They are offering a nice looking iPad case for only $9.99. That seems like a screaming deal. You click and order. It ships the same day and arrives within a short time later. You rejoice at the sleek good looking case that now protects your iPad. As you watch videos, play games, and browse the Internet, you love your iPad (it really is amazing and I love it). You love it even more when you put in the case you purchased from WhataCable! and throw it in your backpack knowing it is well protected.

Well now you see how great it would be, you can order it here:

Don't pay too much for a case!

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