Friday, May 8, 2009


Have you ever wondered how you can split your screen so that two monitors show the exact same thing? If you are looking for a video splitter, there are a few options on the market. You'll need to know what type of monitor you have. 1. VGA/SVGA 2. DVI or 3. HDMI.

1. For VGA or SVGA, you can go with a "Y" cable, that will split the signal. You can pick these up on for about $12. This is good for short distances and if you have a good video card. For laptops or longer distances, I would recommend a powered splitter that will help to boost that analog signal. You can split it up to 8 monitors (8-way VGA splitter). This would be used in a classroom or like you see at an electronics store when all the TVs or monitors have the same image going. has these powered VGA video splitters, or multipliers starting at about $22.

2. For DVI you can get a high-quality DVI "Y" cable splitter for about $17 from WhataCable. DVI is a digital signal as opposed to the analog signal of VGA or SVGA. DVI has a number of connections on the market which makes it confusing. Make sure on the female side that you get one that accepts all the pins that your DVI connection has. WhataCable! has one that will accept any DVI connection because it is in the DVI-I Dual Link female configuration.

3. For HDMI I only suggest going with a powered splitter. The reason is that DCP (digital content protection) will sometimes detect that you are splitting the signal with a "Y" cable and will shut the video off. This is really annoying and can be mostly avoided with a powered HDMI splitter box. has them from $94 for a 2-way HDMI powered splitter. You can go all the way up to an 8-way splitter (multiplier) if you need to have a bunch of HDTVs displaying the same thing.

With all splitters, don't forget that you might need to purchase cables, because even with a two-way powered splitter, you'll need one cable from the computer to the splitter box, then one cable to each TV/monitor/projector. With the "Y" cable you'll only need one cable to each monitor/projector.

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