Thursday, May 28, 2009


Jedidiah De N'importe Quoi was in search for gold as he headed west in 1836. What he found instead was lots of copper. He decided to stop making horse shoes because the competition was so great, and decided that he would make computer cables. He made all types, SCSI, Ethernet, CAT6, USB, FireWire, DVI and HDMI. Now these were crude versions of today's models, but none-the-less, they were better than any other computer cable in the western frontier.He would travel from town to town, selling his cables. Most cowboys would use them to tie up their horses. But he made a living at it. He ended up settling in Orem, Utah, mainly selling his computer cables to the trappers and Indians, who would use them to fish and catch animals.

Jedidiah's grandson, Samuel De N'importe Quoi, took over the business in 1900. He bought some machinery that automated the computer cable production. However, iron was so popular that he tried using iron connectors, which made the cables even less-useless for this time period. He would travel all over the western states selling his computer cables, mainly having success to fishermen who would use the iron cables as anchors for their boats.

Samuel's grandson Richie De N'importe Quoi decided that every home needed a computer cable, for it would not be long, a few short decades, until computers would be in every home. This of course was laughed at as people were busy buying a washing machine and television for their homes. Richie knew the day would come when cables would be in high demand. He had some success selling Ethernet cables to school kids because they could use them as a jump rope. Eventually the business was sold to a railroad which used the cables to tie down freight. Today every home does have a cable, just like Jedidiah, Samuel, and Richie De N'importe Quoi dreamed would happen.

The above history is of course fictional. However, had Professional Cable existed back during these time periods, it would have been extremely successful.

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Ted said...

No one needs to know that this story is fictitious !