Friday, April 4, 2008

Follow Your Dreams!

Today I was talking to someone from my insurance agent's office about life insurance. He was a young guy, not in his "career" yet. He was envious that I was living my dream - having my own business. He said that after he gets a degree in accounting, he wanted to start his own company. He didn't know what, but he wanted to run his own company.

Here is where I feel old. (is that a theme in these blogs? Yeah, I guess so.) I've started many businesses over the years. Some part-time hobbies. Others full fledged businesses. Some failed. Two were successful. I think there are those people who like the thrill of going off on their own. They have the entrepreneur spirit. Others like the comfort of a steady paycheck, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, most people I know think I'm insane for leaving a good job to start my own company, something that I've done twice now. I left a well paying job with benefits, both times, to go off and start my own company. To some it is brilliant. To others it is pure insanity.

But that is just me. I see opportunity everywhere. I can't help but thinking of how this or that would make a good business. I have to force myself not to start other businesses while growing Professional Cable, my primary business. I see opportunity all around. If I could duplicate me (and my money) I'd have twenty businesses running all at once. But, alas, I am only one me, and must focus all of my efforts on my baby, Professional Cable.

For example, in Highland, Utah where I live, we have one Subway sandwiches, and one Wendy's. Nothing else to choose from along the fast food genre. Two things that are bank waiting to happen. 1. A good sandwich shop like a Gandolfo's or Jimmy Johns. Subway makes the worst sandwiches of any sandwich shop I've ever been to. I prefer 7 Eleven sandwiches, made the day before (if you're lucky) to the garbage that Subway puts out. I am a big sandwich guy. I love a good sammy. But, Subway is ALWAYS consistently under-par. I've never left there going "That was a good sandwich"! Even on a good day it's mediocre. So a good sandwich shop would thrive. 2. A bagel shop like Einstein. There is jack squat going on in the morning in Highland (and Alpine). It's begging for something along these lines for the hungry commuter that needs to grab something for the road. How do I know? I get my diet coke every morning wishing that I could grab something quick. Not an option.

So anyway, that is just one area that I've noticed has an opportunity for the entrepreneur. There are countless others. Most would take some dough.

But back to my young insurance helper today. He is spending good time and money getting a degree that he really has no interest in. I can't blame him. I too was an accounting major at one point. For me, it was BORING as could be. To quote Glenn Beck, blood would shoot out my eyes every time I would look at those massive balance sheets and income statements. (We did it all by paper and a calculator back in the early 90s) No fancy computers helping us out at the college level. I took several accounting classes at Salt Lake Community College, then later at Brigham Young University before I realized that I would rather be a crash test dummy than be a full-time accountant. Now, don't get me wrong. It's a great profession. My CPA makes a lot of money off me. But I NEED HIM like I need me my diet coke - because I ain't going to do his job. (refer to Glenn Beck again).

So if you're a young unmarried kid with the world ahead of you, GO FOR YOUR DREAMS! Figure out a business that you could start, maybe get a mentor, and GO FOR IT! What do you have to lose really?

Well, in the pursuit of Jason Bringhurst's happiness, I've been very glad that I took the road less travelled, like my friend Scott Peck.

The world is big. The opportunities are endless. Within the past few weeks, we've sold cables to China, Romania, Germany, and India. I've built a good company and have good partners, including my CPA, and that is a formula for success. Whats more, I'm following my dreams. Dreams of cables albeit, but still my dreams of owning my own business.

Until next time
The Cable Guy

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