Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day to You!

Ahhh, earth day. The memories of spending time with earth. Isn't every day really earth day? I frankly can't get along without her. (Mother Earth that is). So today really is just like every other day. I look at the majestic mountains, the spring flowers, the blooming trees, and just like any other day, I marvel at the wonders of the earth - and these things testify to me of a supreme being who has created it all for the benefit of mankind. (Again, from time to time, I express some of my personal beliefs, and this blog is not endorsed by my company or any of my affiliations. It is simply what it says it is, me opining on different subjects.)

I don't think having an earth day is bad. But like all things, I think it should be done in moderation. I am actually going to ride my bike home from work today. Am I doing this because of earth day? Not really. It's a combination of me needing to lose 30 lbs. and the ridiculous price of gas. (and the fact that we are coming out of the winter freeze. My extra 30 lbs. and the high prices at the pump won't get this mid 30's man out on a bike in freezing snow. Sorry.) But, it is a good thing to do on earth day. Many people will look at me on my bike as I ride home and think, "Now there is someone committed to the earth!" Nah. I've always been committed to the earth. I like to eat. Food comes from the earth. Therefore, I'm a big fan of the earth. Same goes with water. I like to drink water (and yes Diet Coke has a lot of water in it too!) Water comes from earth. Hence, yes, I'm a HUGE raving fan of earth. I like to breathe. It makes me happy. Not breathing is a bummer (I have asthma... I know about not breathing). So, thanks again to? Yes! Mother Earth for all that yummy oxygen. How about all of that pretty gold, nickel, aluminum, and copper in the fancy cables that I sell, that has provided a living over the past 13 years? Yes again! Earth has generously provided every bit of it. The wood that holds my house together? From Venus? NO! From Earth! The soil where our struggling garden is? From Earth! The dirt on which my green (sometimes) grass sits and grows? Yes! Earth! The gravity that keeps me from flying off into outer space! Again, freely provided by our friend the Earth. WOW! Now, am I a tree hugger that is worried about every little thing? No. Do I think the world is over populated? Not even. We can sustain 100 times the population that we have here now on earth. But, I do agree that we could be better stewards of this wonderful planet. I don't think that growing food for fuel is a good idea! Sorry Ethanol. I think your days are over, just like the Wizard on the Wizard of Oz, we've seen behind the curtain, and we realize that you are costing us dearly and saving us not a penny - but costing us a fortune. Let's don't use food to fuel our cars. That's a bad idea.

So on this green day, I will probably listen to some Green Day, I will throw my big gulp cup into a recycle bin, I will ride my bike home from the cable company, I will enjoy the beauty that nature provides gratis, and I will drink some water and breath some yummy air. Why? Because I'm a big fan of earth... Just like the rest of us humans.

Until next time
The Cable Guy

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