Friday, June 20, 2008

InfoComm 08 - Las Vegas - Day 2

Day 2 was busy at the Professional Cable booth at the InfoComm show in Las Vegas. More international distributors and integrators visited the booth, which makes me ask myself, “Why didn’t I take more than one Spanish class at BYU?” I have actually used my French while here as well. (Oui, c’est vrai en plus!) Canadians are always impressed when I speak French. “Vous aimez les cables? Moi aussi!” Unless of course they are Canadians that don't speak French. Then I just give them the French shrug and say "Comment?". But trying to communicate with a guy from Columbia about HDMI cables in his broken English and my broken Spanish .”Me gusta mucho el burrito con queso! Donde esta el bano? Usted está caminando en mi dedo del pie.”

Many years ago, when I was with Offspring, we had a booth in the corner of the Camex show out where most people didn’t even bother to walk. I’m in a similar spot here at this show, though not quite that bad. What was even worse, was in the booth across from us, they had a hover craft. Not like a little remote control dealy, but a full-size, jump in, and we’ll go for a ride outside hover craft. WHOOOOSH, VROOOM, this thing would go. And all the heads would turn to watch it as they walked by our booth, as if we were not even there. I felt like Tom Hanks and Jon Lovitz on SNL as the Girl Watchers. “Hel-lo!... Good-bye… Not interested in me at all. No reaction whatsoever… Not even the time O’day!“

Well this is happening at the InfoComm show as well. (Is it just me? Do they hate me or do they hate cables?) Sorry, did I say that out-loud? I must be getting a complex or something. This time it is not a hover-craft, but a hovering-hottie at the booth directly across from me. There is a company that makes Karaoke equipment across from us, and they hired some “talent” for their booth. i.e. eye candy, Las Vegas hottie, etc. She’s a head-turner alright. It’s been an interesting study to watch literally hundreds of guys walk by my booth looking directly at her not even noticing that I’m there (or my booth). How do I compete? I could try to learn to juggle tonight at the hotel. I could try swallowing flaming swords. I could wear the same outfit that she is wearing… though I couldn’t really pull off the pony tails. That outfit on me might get some attention… but not likely to get anyone to come talk to me. Each day of the show she is wearing less and less. I’m glad it’s not a 6-day show! Wowza! I’d have no reason to come at all! I think that in some ways though it is hurting their business. She gets on the Karaoke machine and is actually a pretty good singer, and draws crowds, but I don’t think any of these guys are interested in the karaoke “products”. If they sell a Karaoke machine it will be a miracle. I think they might actually discourage real customers from going to the booth and getting information, especially if that person is a woman. That’s been my observation. Maybe I’m completely wrong, but I have a suspicion that I’m right. I have a feeling that Mrs. Cable Guy (The Cable Queen) would have an issue with me hiring “talent” to stand in my booth next to me.

Never-the-less, the show has been good. I’ve got lots of good leads, and a lot of interested people that have said I’ll hear from them. You never know until you see the orders, but my company is making a name for itself. Every show like this strengthens the brand, and yes, Professional Cable is now a brand, even in Canada, eh?

Until Next Time
The Cable Guy

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