Thursday, June 26, 2008

Review - The Incredible Hulk

I know, I know, I've read the reviews, and I don't agree. I liked the Hulk. Edward Norton is one of my favorite actors, and without him, the movie couldn't have been as good. But, the fact is, he was great as Bruce Banner.

The movie starts off in some crazy town in Brazil. I've never been to Brazil, but it this town is really amazing. Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) is working a a day laborer in some factory. I thought the story was compelling as he was in hiding in Brazil trying to fight his demon and control his Hulk incidents. I loved the movie except for every time the Hulk opened his mouth. Is it just me, or did the original Hulk just grunt a lot? I don't ever remember him speaking. So when he would say things in the deep monster voice, it seemed cheesy. I think the Hulk is meant to lift cars up, throw bad guys around, and remain otherwise silent. OK, there is one other thing that bothered me. I don't care for the computerized animation of characters. But in this movie, it bugged me less than other movies.

I grew up watching the Hulk on TV. I never read the comic book or anything else, I was just in to the TV show. In fact, I remember one day putting on my white button-up Sunday shirt, going outside and pretending to turn into the Hulk, ripping the shirt off. I got a big lecture when I brought the shirt back inside and all the buttons were missing. Nobody understands the Hulk.

The original Hulk from the TV show actually has a cameo on the movie as a security guard. Also making a cameo appearance is Iron Man, another movie that I really liked.

I actually was not expecting a lot from this movie because the reviews have not been great. But it's a movie that I wouldn't mind seeing again. I had a good time watching it. Maybe it's just the kid in me, but I recommend this movie.

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