Wednesday, June 18, 2008

InfoComm 08 - Las Vegas

InfoComm 2008 - Las Vegas, Nevada.

I've been to CES many times and several years ago I would go to Comdex in Las Vegas. These are both huge shows. With my former company Offspring, I have gone to many education shows such as Camex. But this was my first time exhibiting at the InfoComm show in Las Vegas, and boy am I impressed.

While not as big as CES, this is no little regional show. It attracts BIG name manufactures such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, etc. and attendees from all around the world. InfoComm has combined and co-located its show (A/V Industry - Audio Video Integrators and installers) with NSCA (Systems Integrators) and NXTComm (Network and Telecom Integrators) into one massive show at the Las Vegas convention center. It's indicative of how the industries lines are being blurred. AV installers are also installing fiber optic networks in homes. Systems Integrators are installing huge video servers. Network installers are installing projection systems in conference rooms and video conferencing systems. As an owner of a cable company, I love it! Each one of these industries uses... you got it! CABLES! So Professional Cable is very busy at this show. Many of you yawn at the sound of HDMI or SVGA, but for these guys, my products are a head-turner. Yes, I said it. My cables are turning heads. They are looking for high-quality cables without the "Monster" prices. I just hope my competitors don't figure out what we are doing, because from what I'm hearing it's revolutionary. Let's keep this secret just between us oK? Here is the 10-step master plan: 1. Good prices. 2. Friendly personal service and support. 3. Huge inventory. 4. Easy to work with. 5. Lifetime warranty on cables. 6. Free freight (contact me for details). 7. Big selection of high-quality professional-grade cables. 8. No frills packaging. 9. Knowledgeable staff. 10. Custom cable capabilities. There you have it. How did I come up with such an amazing 10-step program? Well, I listened to my customers. It's what they wanted. Why wouldn't I give it to them? Heck, it's what I would want to . I think too many companies when the get to be a "big company", decide that if you don't like what they have to offer in a neat little package, then well, you're out of luck. Not at Professional Cable. You need something custom like a wall plate with a VGA port and RCA connection? OK. We'll custom make that for you. You want a plenum SVGA cable in 40 feet lengths? OK, we'll custom build that for you. I guess my competitor's try to force their customers to just buy what they have and if they don't carry it, they do the French shrug and say, "Désolé!" "Why?" You might ask? Well, they don't care. Yep. They are too "big" to care. (refer to French shrug). I never want to lose the Professional Cable motto. "Small enough to care. Big enough to get the job done."

Today I made contacts in Australia, Columbia, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, integrators all over the USA (including Hawaii) and even a couple in Utah. There are something like 60,000 attendees and over 1,000 vendors just in the InfoComm show. One day down, two to go. The show ends Friday June 20, 2008.

One thing I've learned at the show is, it is not a one man show. I need more people here next year. Lot's of people lining up to ask the cable guy questions. I love it! My feet hurt though.
So there you have my report. Our booth is no Sanyo, but we have something that all of these resellers and integrators need in order to finish the job. The cables. (Try turning on your fancy plasma TV without the power cord. FAT CHANCE!)

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